Become a Scorer

After successfully completing your ProTeach Portfolio and earning your professional certificate, you may want to help others do the same by becoming a ProTeach Portfolio scorer. ProTeach Portfolio scorers are:

  • Faculty from schools of education in institutions of higher education
  • ProTeach Portfolio support providers
  • ProTeach Portfolio school district coordinators and facilitators
  • School district administrators
  • P–12 teachers who hold a Washington professional certificate
  • P–12 teachers who hold National Board Certification

Scorer Training

Scorers must successfully complete a comprehensive training program designed by ETS specifically for the ProTeach Portfolio. Training is provided as part of each scoring session. As a ProTeach Portfolio scorer, you will become an expert in 1 of the 3 entries and score only that entry.


Along with the satisfaction of playing an important role in the professional development of teachers, other benefits of being a ProTeach Portfolio scorer include:

  • additional income — scorers earn $20 per hour
  • continuing education clock hours — 10 hours for initial training and 10 hours per scoring session; up to 20 hours total for the year; for further details, please visit the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board.
  • convenience — returning scorers work from home on your personal computer
  • minimal time — 2 remote scoring sessions per year in July and February

Become a ProTeach Portfolio Scorer

Find out more about becoming a 2016 Washington ProTeach Portfolio scorer and submit an application.