Standards & Criteria

The ProTeach Portfolio is developed to provide teachers holding a residency certificate with an evidence-based, uniform assessment through which to demonstrate the required knowledge and skills (WAC 181-79A-207) that demonstrate a positive impact on student* learning. The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) further clarifies (WAC 181-79A-030) that such a teacher is defined as "a teacher, through instruction and assessment, who has been able to document students' increased knowledge and/or demonstration of a skill or skills related to the state goals ..."

What does ProTeach Portfolio measure?

The ProTeach Portfolio measures the professional certificate 3 standards and 12 criteria (WAC 181-79A-207).

What are the Standards & Criteria?

As established by the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB), the 3 standards and 12 criteria are:

  1. The knowledge and skills for effective teaching that ensure student* learning by:
    1. using instructional strategies that make learning meaningful and show positive impact on student* learning
    2. using a variety of assessment strategies and data to monitor and improve instruction
    3. using appropriate classroom management principles, processes and practices to foster a safe, positive, student*-focused learning environment
    4. designing and/or adapting a challenging curriculum that is based on the diverse needs of each student*
    5. demonstrating cultural sensitivity/competence in teaching and in relationships with students, families and community members
    6. integrating technology into instruction and assessment
    7. informing, involving and collaborating with families and community members as partners in each student's* educational process, including using information about student* achievement and performance
  2. The knowledge and skills for professional development by:
    1. evaluating the effects of his/her teaching through feedback and reflection
    2. using professional standards and district criteria to assess professional performance and plan and implement appropriate growth activities
    3. remaining current in subject area(s), theories, practice, research and ethical practice
  3. Professional contributions to the improvement of the school, the community and the profession by:
    1. advocating for curriculum, instruction and learning environments that meet the diverse needs of each student*
    2. participating collaboratively in school improvement activities and contributing to collegial decision making


ProTeach Portfolio Map of Entries Submitted by Teachers to Criteria Assessed

1a 1b 1c 1d 1e 1f 1g 2a 2b 2c 3a 3b
Professional Growth and Contributions:

Measures analysis of and reflection on professional growth and its impact on student* learning.

                X X X X
Building a Learning Community:

Measures description and analysis of the learning environment established in the single class or classroom.

    X   X   X          
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment:

Measures analysis of and reflection on curriculum, instruction and assessment, as well as impact on the learning of 3 focus students.*

X X   X   X   X        

Note: The criteria referred to in the table correspond to those described in the list above